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Recommendation Report Format / Template / Outline


Letter of Transmittal

  1. Explain the purpose and content of the report

  2. Precedes the title page

  3. Acknowledge those who helped with the report

  4. Highlights parts of the report that may be of interest

  5. Talk about any problems

  6. Make observations


  1. Purpose is to protect the report
  2. Contains the title, writer’s name(s), date of creation, company name and/or logo

Title Page

  1. Contains the document title
  2. Author(s)
  3. Intended readers/recipients

  4. Date of documentation creation
  5. The title should describe the contents of the document very clearly and therefore, it should be as informative as possible.


  1. Condensed version of the writing that highlights the major points covered

  2. Concisely describes the content and scope of the writing

  3. Reviews the contents in an abbreviated form

  4. Abstracts can be descriptive or informative

  5. Descriptive Abstract: Provides purpose, methods, and scope. Does not provide results,
    conclusions, recommendations. Introduces the subject to the readers. This
    section should be very brief – usually less than 100 words

  6. Informative Abstract: Communicate specific information from the report including the
    purpose, methods, scope, results, conclusions, and recommendations. This
    section lets a reader decide if they want to read more of the report and
    is usually under 250 words.

Executive Summary

  1. The section is similar to an abstract. It reviews the essential elements of
    the report including the subject, purpose, scope, methods, conclusion, and

  2. Gives a decision maker enough information to make a choice.

  3. An executive summary is usually about 10% of the total length of the report.

Table of Contents

  1. This section lists the headings and the page numbers of the sections that
    correspond to those sections.

  2. The reader uses this section to find part of the report that are of interest
    to them.

List of Illustrations

  1. This section lists the documents illustrations along with the page numbers on
    which they can be found.

  2. There are usually two categories, figures and tables.



  1. The introduction talks about the subject, purpose, organization and scope.

  2. Discuss why the report was written and what benefit it will provide the

  3. Show the major sections of the report and present the order in which they will
    be discussed.

  4. Define the scope and limitations of the document.

Methods Section

  1. Discuss what methods were used to obtain the information for the report and the
    parameters in which it was obtained.

Results Section

  1. Note the key data that was obtained and give a detailed analysis of the data.

  2. Should be clearly organized and objective.


  1. Provide an interpretation of the data presented in the body of the report.

  2. All conclusions should be built upon data that was presented in the body of
    the report. New information should not be introduced.


  1. This section should contain a recommendation based upon the information
    presented in the conclusion of the report.



  1. List the key terms used in the document.

List of Symbols

  1. Symbols and abbreviation


  1. Could be a variety of material that helps the reader understand the report

Reference List

  1. List of sources.


  1. Similar to the table of contents but with more detail.

  2. Usually for long reports.

32 Best Outdoor Advertising Advertisements

Some of these ads are kinda hard to see small so click to enlarge:)

Outdoor Advertisement # 1
This is a pretty cool ad for six flags amusement parks. It features an outdoor billboard type ad that is shaped like a sled.

Outdoor Advertisement # 2
This outdoor ad is in a bus stop. It's an anti smoking ad that has glass lungs filled with cigarette butts.

Outdoor Advertisement #3
Lung shaped cigarette tray. I'm not sure if it's an outdoor advertisement or not, but it's a pretty creative ad, outdoor or not.

Outdoor Advertisement # 4
I've seen quite a few of these type of outdoor anti smoking ads, but they are quite clever. They are quite hard to miss, so they definetly cut through the clutter.

Outdoor Advertisement # 5
I'm assuming the sign in this outdoor ad says "Stop". That would be funny if the town had all there stop signs looking like this.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 6
I'm not sure how big this outdoor ad is, but it seems like a lot of tar. Do they mean just the top amount? Usually pavement is pretty thick... So, IDK about the tar amounts but its creative...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 7
I'm not sure how many people will go and buy puzzles after seeing this outdoor advertisement....

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 8
I think this one is for Nike... I wonder how they are holding that ball up. It looks like a rather large object. I'm sure it's full of air, but still...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 9
Disney outdoor ad on a building...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 10
Fedex ad. I'm assuming they sell office supplies or something. If they don't I'm not sure what they are trying to advertise.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 11
Nestle ad... even the birds like it...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 12
I think I posted this outdoor ad in another section of this site, but it was awhile ago, soenjoy again.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 13
Swwweeeeetttt billboard ad that features an actual car hanging from a sign...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 14
From up here, I can see BMW of Bridgeport...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 15
KillBill advertisement... I love how they continued the advertisement off of the building onto the sidewalk, car, and the road. What city would let a company do that???
Best Outdoor Advertisement # 16
I guess a few people must look up at buildings or something... Kinda looks like a tall building...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 17
Clever lego advertisment on a crane...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 18
Cannon ad that features a camera like model. It looks like the other pillar things on the road...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 19
Mcdonalds outdoor ad on a bus stop... cool enough I guess...
Best Outdoor Advertisement # 20
I love this billboard ad for Bic razors. It kinda looks like it's hard to figure out for what company it's for. the cut grass looks pretty rough... About as rough as the job Bic's do for shaving... At least it's not false advertising.
Best Outdoor Advertisement # 21
Woodland shoes ad.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 22
Coca cola bus advertisement. Not all that great in my humble opinion, but whateva!
Best Outdoor Advertisement # 23
Coke bottle on a building...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 24
Another coke bottle on a building outdoor ad.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 25
Not sure if this outdoor and if it's even an ad... It may be more like a decoration or something.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 26

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 27
Semi truck with a bottle cap poking out... It's kind hard to tell if the rest of the bottle is sticking out in the ad or not.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 28
haha... someone loves coke...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 29
Not sure what the ad is for. Pretty cool though.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 30
Don't Speed ad featuring a guy behind bars...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 31
Dental ad of some sort...

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 32
I can't figure out what the ad is for... I like the idea though...