72 Examples of Best Print Advertisements | Ads 11 thru 20

Print Advertisements # 11

Print Advertisements Creative Dettrol Hand Sanitizer advertisement. Everybody needs it. Great print advertisement.
Print Advertisements # 12

Print AdvertisementsDHL Advertisement promoting the message that DHL is always the right way. Not really a print advertisement, more like a billbaord advertisement. Actually a lot of the ads of this particular page aren't print advertisements. But they are good advertisements. If you want just print ads, go through the rest of 72 ads. Not all of them are print advertisements, but a lot of them are.
Print Advertisements # 13

Print AdvertisementsGreat advertisement that is really catchy. It's kinda hard to see in this photo, but the advertisement is for dog food and the dogs are "chasing the bus" for it.
Print Advertisements # 14

Print AdvertisementsThis one is another great advertisement that is kinda hard to see. The cautions signs say something to the effect of "Caution: drooling for the burger pictured may cause wet floors."
Print Advertisements # 15

Print AdvertisementsDurcell, Power that is beyond the ordinary advertisement.

Print Advertisements # 16

Print Advertisements Crash testing save human lives!
Print Advertisements # 17

Print Advertisements Not sure what brand this is for, but its an advertisement for a drink of some sort. I think it's really catchy the way it portrays the ingredients "coming together."
Print Advertisements # 18

Print Advertisements A watch compay decided to utilize the handholders in buses to advertise their product. The message on the handholders is "Try it here, the Big Pilots Watch."
Print Advertisements # 19

Print Advertisements Promoting the importance of proper labeling of food's contents, because when you eat it, it's too late.
Print Advertisements # 20

Print Advertisements Oops, a repeat... Ok 71 of the top advertisements around.

72 Examples of Best Print Advertisements, See the Rest

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