Print Ad Archive : Ads 73 thru 79

Print Ad Archive : Ads 73 thru 79

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Print Ad Archive : Ad 73

This may be one of the most creative print ads in this print ad archive. It's for sony's product "Bravia" and it's advertising it's vibrant colors.

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Print Ad Archive : Ad 74

This is a very creative 3d advertisment. "If you really want to touch someone," the ad says, "send a letter." Not many better ways of getting the message across.

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Print Ad Archive : Ad 75

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Ad Archive : Ad 76

These two ads are promoting adoption. It's hard to read on ads this small, but if you enlarge the photo you will see that is says, "Adopt: You will recieve more than you can ever give!"

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Print Ad Archive : Ad 77

I don't remember if I added this one another time or not and I don't feel like checking. So if I did, enjoy it a second time:)

Print Ad Archive 6
Save water. Save Life. Awsome advertisment! Very effective way of communicating the idea trying to be presented.

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Print Ad Archive : Ads 73 thru 79
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