Search Engine Placement Tricks

If enough of your pages include the use of techniques that are considered unethical/spammer techniques, your page content or even your whole website may get banned from placement in search results. You may be thinking that you’ve discovered some new way to trick the search engines, but I urge you to think again. You will be discovered sooner or later. It is extremely difficult to trick search engines, so spend your time learning accepted search engine optimization techniques instead of wasting your time attempting to deceive the search engines.

When I first started trying to get good placement in search results, I used some “spam” techniques on a website a website project I was working on. It was a fairly large website with over 1,000 pages and obviously took a considerable amount of time to create. I didn’t really know anything about search engine optimization at the time, so I wasn’t purposely trying to do something wrong. I was just trying to get my website to show in search results, but I ended up using search engine optimization techniques that got the website banned from most of the major search engines. Although this was a big disappointment, I learned a valuable lesson from this experience; NEVER, EVER, EVER TRY TO SPAM SEARCH ENGINES.
Take the time and learn how to write good content that has an adequate number of keyword phrases scattered throughout it. If you aren’t a very good writer, then have a friend or a web content specialist write the content for you.