Pop-ups, Interstitials, Superstitials, and Video Ads

All of these type ads are usually alot more dynamic then banner and display ads. These ads can use motion, sound, and sights. Generally, people consider these types of advertising annoying and try to avoid them when possible.

Pop-ups are advertisements that load in a seperate window while the page a user selected is being displayed. Some pop-ups have timers on them that allow them to "pop-up" after the page has been shown for a certain amount of time. While pop-ups are very attention getting, they are also very annoying. Researchers have found that the annoyance level towards pop-ups is 8 times greater than the annoyance level towards television advertisements. If a website has a considerable number of pop-ups, users tend to look elsewere for information. Alot of people are installing pop-up blockers that block most of the pop-ups from being displayed. This is just another negative aspect of this type of advertising. I would consider looking into other forms of advertising before resorting to the use of pop-ups.

Interstitials are advertisements that appear between two the content of two web pages. This type of advertisement isn't as annoying as pop-ups because the ads tend to run in between the loading of the two pages. A good aspect of interstitials, for the advertiser, is that the ads can't be stopped as easily as pop-ups can be. With pop-ups, you can just hit the exit button, but if you want to see the content after an interstitial, you have to wait for the entire ad to play.

Superstitials are animated ads that play on top of the content of a web page. Sometimes yahoo has these on their home page. On Yahoo, these ads usually are set to go away pretty quickly, but on other sites they can remain for quite some time.

Online video ads being used more and more frequently. Google has been trying with some success to launch a video ad program as part of there adsense and adwords programs. Alot of the online news and video websites have short video commercials that are played at some point in the video content. This type of advertising is relativly new and can be expected to improve in the future.

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