Types of Communication and Characteristics / Spoken / Written / Nonverbal / Aural


Listed below are the four types of communication and their characteristics:

Spoken communication — using the spoken word to communicate

It’s fast
It’s temporary (unless recorded)
It uses inflection (people can tell how you feel by the tone of your voice!)

Written communication — communicating in written form

It’s time consuming
It’s permanent (that’s why contracts are put in writing)
It loses the advantages of inflection (although you can use punctuation marks—they just aren’t as effective in relaying tone as voice inflection)

Nonverbal communication — communicating through methods such as body motion, physical appearance, etc. (we will discuss nonverbal communication in more detail in just a minute)

Most important way in which we communicate
Oftentimes done unconsciously
Has geographic and cultural overtones (in some countries, it’s appropriate to shake hands when meeting someone for the first time, in other countries you simply bow, etc.)

Aural communication — listening

The ability to listen, not just hear. Hearing is purely physiological. Listening is the ability to interpret what you hear

It is important not just to emphasize what is communicated, but the form that the communication takes.

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