10 Creative Advertising Ideas That Save You Money | Top Ten List | Marketing Ideas

1.) Run of Station and Run of Paper

Get good deals on radio, magazine and newspaper advertisements by requesting ad that your ad is run whenever the radio station or publisher has open air time or open ad space. Offer the companys about 50% of their regular rates and save yourself a lot of money. Many radio stations/publishers are glad to do this, because instead of just putting filler copy, they are still making something from the ad space/time.

2.) Use your voice mail message to advertise

Everytime people call and hear your voice mail message you can have an opportunity to inform them about a sale or promotion. This is a really good idea if people call during hours when you aren't open. Instead of losing a potential customer, you can make some offer in the message that will make them call back. You do something like, mention this voice mail message and get 10% off for a limited time only.

3.) Put your advertisements in non-competing companies' products

Here's an example. You are a movie store, why not contact a pizza place and ask them to paste a flyer to each pizza box and in return you'll give one of their ads to every person that rents a movie. People who are having a movie night are more likely to buy pizza. May as well remind them of the idea. It's important that you do it only on non-competing products and that the people are within your target market.

4.) Advertise your product/business on your car

Depending on where you drive and where you park, you could have thousand of ad impressions (ad views) at a fairly low cost. Make a catchy bumpersticker, wrap your whole car, or put a magnetic sign on each of your car doors.

5.) Print your business card information on the back of a friends card

Why not get your message out twice as often? Make up some two sided business cards. Print your info on one side and your friend's on the other. When either of you hands a card out, you are advertising for both of you. Business cards are a good form of advertising because people tend to keep them.

6.) Business card referals

When you give a customer a business card, give him one or two more. On each card, write the customers name. Tell the customer that when a refered friend does business with you, you will give both of them 10% off their first/next order.

7.) Get a vanity plate that gives people an idea about who you are

This could be especially effective if you have other advertisements. If you are a lawyer, no stealing my plate. It's ILSUYU2.

8.) Write stuff with chalk on the side walk in front of your store

Sales. Funny things. Anything to get them to notice you.

9.) Advertise on checks

Print your company information on your personal checks

10.) Respond to my ad and get xyz free!

This one is kinda a "duh" one, but it works. Make it something that is useful, but ideally not that expensive. For example a dvd on your product.

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