Unique Way to Guarantee Your Product / Service

How many times have you heard the phrase 100% satisfaction guaranteed? 100 times? Or maybe 100 times a 100. Maybe you’ve stopped noticing when you see it because it’s done so often. It’s pretty much pointless to even try to use that as an incentive towards making a purchase. 100% satisfaction guaranteed is SOO last decade.

If you want to do a guarantee, why not find a creative way of presenting it? Do what everyone else isn’t doing. Think outside the box for a change and try something no one else has tried. Of course it depends on you product and company, so I can’t tell you what exactly to use, but I can give you an example of something. If you are a coffee shop for example you could have a guarantee that goes something like this:

Hated your drink? Then here’s something to get buzzed about, we have a “Like it, or get your money back and a free double shot espresso guarantee.”

I don’t know about you, but I think that would get noticed at least a few more times than the same old, same old, “100%” line.

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