Advertise Your Business By Wallpapering Your Waiting Room

I was looking at a house recently that had some interesting designs incorporated. One of the designs gave me a marketing idea (yeah, I'm always thinking marketing). When I went down into the basement, they had a room that was "wallpapered" with newspaper clippings. I know, you are probably thinking that something like that would be pretty darn ugly, but the way they did it was actually pretty nice. I wont go into how it was designed a whole lot, but it kinda had a rustic western look with part of the walls being covered with the newspaper clippings and part with rustic paneling (probably out of a old barn).

Anyways I'll stop with that before you think I'm half crazy. I still have to get in the other half about how this can be used for marketing, and here goes.

Make your waiting area kinda rustic (as long as it is fitting with your business, that is) and instead of all just newspaper clippings, paste up notes from your customers awards, testimonial notes, thank you notes, photos, and some newspaper clippings of community events you've been a part of. It depends on how you would design it, but everything could be black and white or everything could be full color or both. Be creative and let your mind wonder.

This type of wallpaper would serve several purposes including having a uniquely designed waiting room, informing customers about a variety of things, and keeping your customers "entertained" while they are waiting.

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