Bathroom Marketing | The Importance of Keeping Your Bathrooms Clean

There are few things that turn me off more than a disgusting bathroom. You know the type. "Stuff" all over the floors, dirty(to put in polite terms) toilets, no toilet paper or towels and a mirror that looks more like something out of an alien war zone. Once you've been in one's like that, it's hard to forget. I wonder how many customers businesses lose over this issue? Maybe it's better I don't know...

So my advice, is take the extra effort to keep things looking nice. Keep things clean, well stocked, smelling great(air freshener doesn't cost that much) and the garbage cans emptied. Add a little decoration and try and get some music playing in there. Put interesting things on the walls.

You do that and I'll come the extra mile to your store instead of the one down the road. I'm pretty sure I wont be the only one.

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