Vinyl Wrapped Car Creative Advertising Idea

Put advertisements on your car and then park your car in an area with high visibility.

I was driving through a town recently and I saw a very good example of something like this being done. What I saw was a decent sized truck (about the size on an average U-Haul truck) parked in a parking lot along side a busy road. The truck had a huge picture of a tiger on it with the message “Think Big.” When I got closer I could see another line saying, “The Hamlin Print Company – Helping you get your message seen.”

Some towns have restrictions on the size of sings you can put out by the road, if your town doesn’t have any restrictions on were cars with advertisements can be parked, then this might be a good way of getting around that restriction. The truck doesn’t even have to cost you all that much, because it doesn’t really have to be in working order. The part that might cost you more is having the truck wrapped and having the design created. But you have to think of it in terms of 1.) effectiveness, and 2.) long term savings. If you are creative and come up with something that cuts through the clutter your return on investment should be pretty good. Also, with a truck like this, you can move it around to different locations, which expands your reach. You’d probably want to keep in one spot just long enough for most of the people to see it a few times and then move the truck to another location. Doing this will reduce the perceptual blocking that is liking to occur after a week or two. The long term savings comes in when you take into account that the signage on your vehicle can be put to use for a longer period of time.

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