Persuasive Writing Lesson / Writing Techniques for Marketing

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This all leads us (READ Previous posts) to the step-by-step communication process used to either write or speak in a persuasive manner. Here it is:

1.) Persuasive Writing Tip: Get Attention

Attentionthe first thing you must do in persuasive communication is to gain the reader's or listener's attention. Give them a reason to continue to pay attention to you.

2.) Persuasive Writing Tip: Gain Interent

Interest-once you have their attention, you can't leave them there. Next you must build their interest. How does the product work? What does the product do? Which colors does the product come in? Can I see a photo of the product?

3.) Persuasive Writing Tip: Create Desire

Desire-now you have to make the “sale.” Give them some reasons they can't live without your product. It saves money. It saves time. It has beauty or status. We call these the "why buys."

4.) Persuasive Writing Tip: Get the customer/reader to take action

Action-get the customer to take action. Tell them how to order, how much it costs, the choices for payment, how long for delivery. Everything they need to know to take action.

This process is commonly called the AIDA form of persuasive communication (taking the first letter of each step).

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