Effective Types of Advertising Strategies

Below is a quote from author Terence Shimp on effective types of advertising strategies.

Advertising Strategies: Development of Advertising Messages

messages can be developed in an ad hoc fashion without much fore-thought, or they can be created systematically. Advertising
plans provide the framework for the systematic execution of advertising strategies. To appreciate the role of an advertising plan, imagine a soccer team approaching an upcoming game without any idea of how it is going to execute its offense or defense. Without a game plan, the team would have to play in the same spontaneous fashion as do players in a pickup game. Under such circumstances there would be numerous missed assignments and overall misexecution. The team likely would lose unless they played a badly mismatched opponent.

Advertising Strategies: Purpose of Plans and Strategies

So it is with advertising
strategies. Companies compete against opponents who generally are well prepared. This means that a firm must enter the advertising “game” with a clear plan in mind. An advertising plan evaluates a brand’s advertising history, proposes where the next period’s advertising should head, and justifies the proposed strategy for maintaining or improving a brand’s competitive situation.

Advertising Strategies: Steps To Put Strategy Into Action

To put an advertising
strategy into action requires (1) careful evaluation of customer behavior related to the brand, (2) detailed evaluation of the competition and (3) a coordinated effort to tie the proposed advertising program to the brand’s overall marcom strategy. Advertising strategy is what the advertiser says about the brand being advertised. It is the formulation of an advertising message that communicates the brands value proposition – its primary benefit or how it can solve the consumer’s problem.”

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