Emotional Appeals: Fear, Humor and Abrasive Advertising Appeals

Advertising Appeals
Factual appeals, or “reason why” appeals are good when you are trying to reach well educated consumers. Emotional appeals are usually more effective in convincing less educated consumers. There are different types of emotional appeals, of which the most popular include: fear, humor, and abrasive advertising appeals.

Fear is an appeal that is used fairly often by marketers. They can be a pretty effective means of persuading a consumer if the fears created aren’t to strong. Usually, mild fears work pretty well for the right products.

Humor is an emotional appeal that is used very often by marketers. About 24 percent of all TV in the U.S.A use this type of appeal. It is usually a pretty effective tool for the right products and services. What is I mean is don’t start using humor is funeral home ads or something. It usually works the best with those members of the audience who are younger, better educated, upscale, and professional.

Abrasive Advertising
Annoying and unpleasant advertisements can be very effective. Research shows that the abrasiveness of a commercial that uses this type of appeal will wear out over time and the brand name will remain in consumers’ memories. I’m not sure how ethical this type of appeal can be at times, but I guess it works in some product areas.

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