Stages of Product Adoption: Coupon / Samples / Trade Shows & More

There are three key stages that an individual goes through before he/she adopts a new product or at least one that is new to the individual. The stages are as follows: awareness class, trier class, and repeater class.

Awareness class:

The first step in ensuring that product adoption occurs is to make individuals (or consumers) aware of the existence of the product. There are four main marcom activities that are commonly used to creating awareness.

• Coupons and samples
• Personal selling and trade shows
• Advertising
• Distribution

Coupons and samples are usually more effective for the introduction of less costly items, such as detergent. Personal selling and trade shows are most commonly used for business to business product adoption procedures. Advertising is usually an essential to facilitate the successful adoption of new products. Distribution is most closely associated with point of purchase displays and shelf placement.

Trier class:

After a potential customer has moved into the awareness class, the chances that the individual will eventually want to try the new product increase. There are generally three aspects that have an effect on whether consumers will transition to the trier class. They are as follows:

• Coupon offerings
• Effective distribution methods
• Introductory low price offerings

The effective use of these factors depends on the product offering and would have to be determined on a per case basis. Reading the section about product characteristics might give you a better idea about which of these would be most effective for your new product offering.

Repeater class

This class consists of five aspects:

• Personal selling

• Price
• Distribution
• Product satisfaction

An effect use of these elements will encourage repeat purchases. Consumers are more willing to purchase a service or product if they are satisfied with the new product offering and if distribution, personal selling, and advertising efforts are used on a continuous basis to remind of the offering. Price must be considered reasonable to the level of satisfaction that is given through the product or service.

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