Does Adsense Work?

Does Google Adsense really work? That is a question that get asked often by those who are interested in it and by those who have started using it. For those of you who may not know what Google Adsense is: Adsense is an advertising service that Google provides to webmasters. It's a service that you earn money from, or at least you hope to. The way it works is that you place Adsense HTML code in your own website or blog code. This code will then be used to display ads that are related to your content. For example, if you blog is related to classic books, then the Adsense advertisements on your blog will be advertisements from companies that deal with classic books or maybe provide free classic books for users to read online.

Every time someone clicks on one of your advertisements, you recieve some revenue. How much you recieve per click is an amount that is determined by Google by a number of factors. Which include, the positioning of the ad and by how much people will be willing to pay for a keyword relating to your topic. The Adsense advertisements are created in Google's Adwords service. Advertisers target their advertisements to a series of keywords and phrases that they would like for their advertisements to show up for. For example, to advertise this website, I would bid on keywords like "advertising" and "marketing." How much I bid on the two keywords will depend on how much I'm willing to pay for the most targeted display, and how much others have bid for your keyword.

Whether or not adding these advertisements generate you income will depend on a variety of factors, all of which I won't discuss at this point(look for more future entries on the topic coming soon), but I will give a brief description of why or why not Adsense generates income.

The answer is yes, Adsense works for some people, but probably not most. By "Adsense working" I mean, generate substantial income for your efforts. It works for people who have ALOT of traffic and who haven't clicked on your own ads. NEVER click on your own ads. You can't trick google, they have a very good system that determines if people click on there own ads, and you will NOT get away with it. If they determine that you have clicked on your own ads multiple times, you will be banned from google.

Income from adsense is ALL about TRAFFIC. Traffic, traffic, traffic. I will be posting entries soon on how to generate traffic, both for your blog and for your website.

If used correctly Google Adsense can provide some decent income. Some people even make a living from this type of advertisements. This doesn't happen often, but it can be done. So to get started you should create an Adsense account and then learn how to use it. Read all you can. Read this blog and others, and then write good content. Read about making money online and about advertising your website/blog. Once you have learned all you can, start writing blog entries and update your website regularly. VERY often is the best. I will be adding more entries on this topic, so check back soon.

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