Diffusion Process: Steps For Increasing Product Sales

The process by which an innovation is adopted though out the marketplace is known as the diffusion process. In terms of marketing communications, diffusion is the progression through which a new product goes through as it is adopted a growing number of consumers. This diffusion process is affected by a number of different factors. In theory the process would eventually spread the adoption process through out a target market, but in the real world this doesn’t happen because of a variety of factors. These factors include, but are definitely not limited to unsuitable communication strategies and to competitions marketing efforts.

Consumers vary in the way they respond to and adopt new product innovations. Some individual want to get the newest products with the new features as soon as possible. These people are known as the innovators. Then there are the early adopters, the early majority, the late majority, and the laggards. I wont go into to detail about what each of these are because it is kind of self explanatory.

To create an effective diffusion process it is usually necessary to accomplish the following objectives:

1. Generate rapid early adoption by the innovators and the early adopters.
2. Once the innovators and the early adopters have taken the bait,
focus of creating rapid acceleration to reach the early majority.
3. Reach the late adopters and the laggards to have maximum
penetration in the target market.
4. And lastly, try to sell as much as possible while the target market
still has interest in innovation.

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