How Order Effects Advertising and Marketing Messages.

Order Effects
The order in which advertisements are presented has an effect on how those advertisements are received by the audience. If you are running a television ad campaign and the sales person convinces you that having your ad play in the middle of the commercial break, don’t take it. Unless, of course, they have some kind of discount offer available. The most effective advertisement are those that are that the beginning and those that are the ends. This is true in magazines, newspapers, TV and more. Order is also important in advertisement design. Make your important points first to capture the attention of the viewer. Then list the rest of the points in order of what you consider important. Research also indicates that having the brand name in the beginning is beneficial for recall. This depends on your specific advertisement, however. If you are doing a TV commercial and want to create suspense or surprise, then it might be better to wait for the brand name to appear.

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