Comparative Advertising In Marketing Messages. Effective?

Comparative advertising
Comparative advertising can be a very effective tool in your marketing strategy if used correctly. United States is one the countries in the world that allow this type of advertising to take place. Most other countries have laws against comparative advertising. I have only had this blog a short time and already I have had people from probably 50 countries around the world reading this blog. Make sure you check with your country’s government before attempting this type of advertising.
Anyways, back to comparative advertising. Comparative advertising is a technique that marketers use in advertising in which direct comparisons are made about that product and a competing product. For example if you made an MP3 Player that had more space than an IPOD (yeah, I know, like that will happen soon), the advertisement would say “50 more Gigabytes of storage than the IPOD has,” or something along those lines. (Of course, in this that example, one would worry about the honestly of the advertising company. It’s hard to make something better then what Apple puts out. Which leads to the point, make sure your comparison is honest, like all your other advertising.)

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