Types of Appeals / Ethical / Emotional / Logical

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So how do you get it across to me that I need to buy your product or hire your service? You make an appeal. This is what most advertising and marketing is based upon. Below are the three types of appeals that are normally used.


Ethical Appeal
-an appeal made to someone's or something's image. This is the type of appeal used frequently in political advertisements. For example, politicians have been known to criticize their opponents to attempt to elevate themselves. Also, ethical appeals are effective when a customer writes a company and says, "I've always thought of your firm as being professional and customer oriented, but…."

Emotional Appeal
-an appeal made to an emotion. This is used in many types of advertising and marketing. Companies try to make you fearful of not having insurance or make you want to look good driving that convertible.

Logical Appeal
-an appeal made to a person’s ability to reason. This is the most effective type of appeal—but the least used. Why? Because it requires significant time to develop and can't easily be put into a 30-second commercial. The process would be to give me logical steps, "If this is so, then you must conclude this, etc."

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