Use of Resonance in Advertising/Marketing Messages

Designing a marketing message structure

Marketing face various decisions when creating a message strategy. These include the use of resonance, positive or negative message framing, one-sided or two-sided messages, comparative advertising, and the order of presentation. I will discuss these various aspects in more detail below.

The first one I’m going to talk about is advertising resonance. Resonance is the use of metaphors, puns, and word plays used in combination with a illustration or picture to create a double meaning. Research has shown that the use of resonance in advertisements increase how much information can be recalled about the advertisement and its message. Advertisements that have this element in them also helps the advertising message cut through the clutter and get noticed more then other advertisements for similar products. An example of resonance would be an advertisement that shows a photo of a bottled drink with the words “Absolute masterpiece” next to the bottle.

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