Absolute Threshold of Sensation: Adaption to Advertising: Getting Used To Something

The absolute threshold
The lowest level at which an individual can experience a sensation is called the absolute threshold. The point at which a person can detect a difference between “something” and “nothing” is that person’s absolute threshold for that stimulus. To illustrate, the distance at which a driver can note a specific billboard on a highway is that individual’s absolute threshold. Two people riding together may first spot the billboard at different times; thus they appear to have different absolute thresholds. Under conditions of constant stimulation, such as driving through a “corridor” of billboards, the absolute threshold increases. In other words the senses tend to become increasingly dulled. After hours of driving through billboards, it is doubtful that any one billboard will make an impression. Hence, we often speak of “getting used to” a hot bath, a cold shower, or the bright sun. as our exposure to the stimulus increases, we notice it less. In the field of perception, the term adaptation refers specifically to “getting used to” certain sensations; that is, becoming accommodated to a certain level of stimulation. Read the article in the order below for more information on this topic.

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